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Legal Services

Robert Dembia, P.C. Legal Services and Areas of Experience


Commercial Litigation


Breach of contract; declaratory judgments; interference with business relations; interference with contract; injurious falsehood; commission disputes; chemical spills.



Corporate Law


Corporation and limited liability company formation, shareholders agreements, operating agreements, dissolutions, voluntary and judicial, "freeze-out" litigation.


Court of Claims


Cases involving administrative imposition of post release supervision.



Products Liability


defective heart valve; defective steering equipment on Mercedes-Benz automobile; defective coffee pot; defective walker; exploding pressure cooker;


Real Estate &
Real Estate Litigation


Purchase and sale of residential and commercial property; contract litigation; fraudulent deeds; commissions; unjust enrichment.



Personal Injury


Automobile accidents; accidents in buildings; Dram Shop Act; dog bites; products liability; defective heart valves; sidewalks; supermarkets; falling ceiling; food poisoning; ferry accidents; stairway accidents; sidewalk defects; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Matrimonial Law


My firm seeks to achieve amicable resolutions to preserve family assets in preference to devoting financial resources to confrontations in court, which are rarely worth the expense.



Estates &
Estate Litigation


Estate planning; probate and administration of estates; trusts, wills; objections to probate; recovery for heirs disinherited by wills; discovery and turnover proceedings; accounting proceedings; objections to accounts; kinship hearings.

Employment Litigation


Contracts; discrimination based on national origin, sexual harassment; injunctions against competing terminated employees; unlawful competition, trade secrets, hostile workplace.



Whistleblower Proceedings


Qui tam proceedings under the Federal False Claims Act and the New York False

Claims Act.


Medical Malpractice


Wrongful death in emergency room following respiratory ailments; complications of surgery; infection received in hospital; failure to diagnose and treat cancer; birth defects; Erbs Palsy; failure to properly treat diabetes; negligent administration of anesthesia; failure to diagnose and treat blood clot; heart valve replacement surgery; foreign object; perforation during colonoscopy; failure to diagnose herniated lumbar disc; improper intubation; emergency room failures; Celebrex related injuries, untreated hospital infections, failure to treat strangulated hernia, complications from hand surgery.






Assault; police brutality; deprivation of constitutional rights; fighting; business torts; unfair competition; misuse of trade secrets and confidential information; wrongful death; defamation; injurious falsehood; interference with business relations.



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