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Notable Results (Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)


  • Verdict: $175,000.00, awarded to a 43 year old registered nurse who received injuries to her cervical spine, including herniated discs, in an accident with a taxicab.

  • Verdict: Jury Verdict for plaintiffs in direct action against insurance company under Insurance Law section 3420, based on unpaid judgment for plaintiffs in the amount of $248,404.50

  • Verdict: $306,656.00, before application of comparative negligence, in favor of 66 year old woman who sustained a fractured ankle as a result of inadequate railings at a Senior Center.

  • Verdict: $2,500,000.00, reduced to $1,500,000.00 by trial court, awarded to 42 year old woman suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, as a result of an accident in her home when part of the ceiling fell on her.

  • Verdict: $25,547.00 damages plus $53,574.38 attorney fees awarded to owner of property in Bethpage against a former tenant who ran a fence business at the premises for approximately 20 years. The claim was that contamination was caused by a metal tank filled with petroleum that was discovered about 3 years after the tenant left the premises

  • Verdict: $75,000.00 awarded to firm’s client in a case involving a real estate transaction. The claim was that the plaintiffs were damaged when property they wanted to purchase was purchased by a company operated by a lawyer who shared office space with the plaintiffs’ real estate lawyer. The proposed purchase contract was brought to the plaintiffs’ lawyer’s office, and the plaintiffs’ deal was rejected by the seller in favor of a higher offer. The total recovery was $166,000.00. A settlement was reached while the matter was on appeal.


  • Settlement:  $650,000 received by the estate of a woman, who at the age of 87, had a partial amputation of the right leg due to mistreatment in a nursing home.

  • Settlement: $900,000 received by a 54 year old woman who was a victim of a pedestrian knock-down car accident in an intersection.

  • Settlement: $600,000 paid to the estate of a man who died in a hospital at the age of 71 as a result of complications arising from a hernia and Clostridium Difficile Colitis.

  • Settlement: $350,000.00, for 37 year old Hispanic female employee, for discrimination based on race and national origin.

  • Settlement: $650,000 received by the estate of a 71 year old woman who died in an emergency room. The allegation was improper intubation.

  • Settlement: $850,000 received by a 61 year old woman who sustained a perforated colon during a routine screening colonoscopy.

  • Settlement: $550,000.00 received by a patient who suffered complications following heart surgery.

  • Settlement: $450,000.00 received by the estate of a 63 year old man who died from cancer in the duodenum.

  • Settlement: $175,000.00 received by a 92 year old man who sustained a fractured hip. The claim was that a walker was a defective product.

  • Settlement: $170,000 received by a 76 year old man who suffered a fractured tibial plateau after a fall on a sidewalk in the City of New York.

  • Settlement: $400,000 received by a 57 year old woman who suffered a fractured ankle on a ferry.

  • Settlement: $300,000 received by a 63 year old woman who suffered a fractured ankle after a fall on a sidewalk in the City of New York.

  • Settlement: $565,000.00 received by an infant who suffered Erb’s Palsy due to a complication of childbirth.

  • Settlement: $150,000.00 received from a Fortune 500 company for a defamatory statement made by an employee against a consultant.

  • Settlement: $750,000.00 recovered from a major brokerage house for a terminated executive.


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